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Izzybellies Rosalini Bowman

This is me with my humans that I rescued about 4 years ago.  A nice lady drove me to my Mom and Dad's house and opened the car door.  I ran right to my Mom.  I knew when she picked me up to hug me (I was just a pup and a little lighter in weight) that these were my forever people.  

My Heritage

Early on, my humans rubbed something similar to a q-tip around the inside of my mouth and sent it off to a lab.  And Guess  What?  It came back to say that "I am all things wonderful"!  I am lovable, kind to all creatures, and always eager to do my part to make the world a better place.

Me trying to rid the US of Vermin

If you have visited my house you know that my Mom and Dad don't even try to manicure the backyard.  It's useless! There are moles and voles to be caught.  Little did I know that I would have these same experiences while travelling  throughout our country. Being the good patriot I am I tried to do my part at every campground we visited.

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